The shift of supply chains from China to Southeast Asian countries due to high taxation has great potential for Vietnam's exports.

Department of Competition and Consumer Protection, Ministry of Industry and Trade has just informed people of vigilance with advertising units selling Atomy products operating under a multi-level sales method and despite being licensed by a competent authority .

Houston Trade Branch in Vietnam compiled a guide to accessing the US market through e-commerce channel for small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam.

In the context of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the application of technology to logistics systems not only improves the operational efficiency of enterprises (enterprises) in management but also contributes to meet the increasing requirements of customer. Especially for small and medium enterprises, this application will help create an outstanding competitive advantage.

On April 12, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued a Regulation on the selection of reputable export enterprises (together with Decision No. 911 / QD-BCT of the Minister of Industry and Trade) and Official Letter No. 2580 / BCT-XNK regarding the selection of prestigious export enterprises in 2018.

On July 22, 2019, the Import and Export Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade) received Official Letter No. 94 / VECO-TV on June 24, 2019 of the Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei discussing the side. Taiwan issued new regulations related to import of quarantine of imported goods. In this regard, Department of Import and Export information to the Agency as follows:

The Australian Ministry of Agriculture released a new announcement about biosecurity conditions for rice products for "consumers or processors". Accordingly, importers must prove parboiled rice by providing all information in the manufacturer's declaration such as:

The EU is the largest shrimp consumption market in the world while in-house production does not meet demand. Enterprises from developing shrimp farming countries can benefit from shrimp exports to the EU market. Potential Vietnamese exporters should seek information on the following EU standards if they want to enter this market:

The United States remains the most important market of Vietnam's wood processing industry. Strengthening cooperation between Vietnam and the United States is an important solution to upgrade this industry in the coming time.

In order to support Vietnamese organizations, enterprises and localities to enhance trade and investment promotion with Vietnam 's two important markets, Singapore and Malaysia, the Trade Promotion Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade). coordinate with Vietnam Trade Office in Singapore, Vietnam Trade Office in Malaysia and related agencies to organize "Trade and investment promotion delegation in Singapore and Malaysia", specifically as follows: